6. Customization

These guides will walk you through customization of your system-on-chip:

  • Contructing heterogenous systems-on-chip using the existing Chipyard generators and configuration system.
  • How to include your custom Chisel sources in the Chipyard build system
  • Adding custom core
  • Adding custom RoCC accelerators to an existing Chipyard core (BOOM or Rocket)
  • Adding custom MMIO widgets to the Chipyard memory system by Tilelink or AXI4, with custom Top-level IOs
  • Adding custom Dsptools based blocks as MMIO widgets.
  • Standard practices for using Keys, Traits, and Configs to parameterize your design
  • Customizing the memory hierarchy
  • Connect widgets which act as TileLink masters
  • Adding custom blackboxed Verilog to a Chipyard design

We also provide information on:

  • The boot process for Chipyard SoCs
  • Examples of FIRRTL transforms used in Chipyard, and where they are specified

We recommend reading all these pages in order. Hit next to get started!