3.10. Ariane Core

Ariane is a 6-stage in-order scalar processor core, originally developed at ETH-Zurich by F. Zaruba and L. Benini. The Ariane core is wrapped in an Ariane tile so it can be used as a component within the Rocket Chip SoC generator. The core by itself exposes an AXI interface, interrupt ports, and other misc. ports that are connected from within the tile to TileLink buses and other parameterization signals.


Since the core uses an AXI interface to connect to memory, it is highly recommended to use the core in a single-core setup (since AXI is a non-coherent memory interface).

While the core itself is not a generator, we expose the same parameterization that the Ariane core provides (i.e. change branch prediction parameters).


This target does not support Verilator simulation at this time. Please use VCS.

For more information, please refer to the GitHub repository.