9.2. Diplomacy Connectors

Nodes in a Diplomacy graph are connected to each other with edges. The Diplomacy library provides four operators that can be used to form edges between nodes.

9.2.1. :=

This is the basic connection operator. It is the same syntax as the Chisel uni-directional connector, but it is not equivalent. This operator connects Diplomacy nodes, not Chisel bundles.

The basic connection operator always creates a single edge between the two nodes.

9.2.2. :=*

This is a “query” type connection operator. It can create multiple edges between nodes, with the number of edges determined by the client node (the node on the right side of the operator). This can be useful if you are connecting a multi-edge client to a nexus node or adapter node.

9.2.3. :*=

This is a “star” type connection operator. It also creates multiple edges, but the number of edges is determined by the manager (left side of operator), rather than the client. It’s useful for connecting nexus nodes to multi-edge manager nodes.

9.2.4. :*=*

This is a “flex” connection operator. It creates multiple edges based on whichever side of the operator has a known number of edges. This can be used in generators where the type of node on either side isn’t known until runtime.