3.12. Ibex Core

Ibex is a parameterizable RV32IMC embedded core written in SystemVerilog, currently maintained by lowRISC. The Ibex core is wrapped in an Ibex tile so it can be used with the Rocket Chip SoC generator. The core exposes a custom memory interface, interrupt ports, and other misc. ports that are connected from within the tile to TileLink buses and other parameterization signals.


The Ibex mtvec register is 256 byte aligned. When writing/running tests, ensure that the trap vector is also 256 byte aligned.


The Ibex reset vector is located at BOOT_ADDR + 0x80.

While the core itself is not a generator, we expose the same parameterization that the Ibex core provides so that all supported Ibex configurations are available.

For more information, see the GitHub repository for Ibex.