10.4. Running a Design on Nexys Video

10.4.1. Nexys Video Instructions

The default Digilent Nexys Video harness uses a TSI-over-UART adapter to bringup the FPGA. A user can connect to the Nexys Video target using a special uart_tsi program that opens a UART TTY. The interface for the uart_tsi program provides unique functionality that is useful for bringing up test chips.

To build the design (Vivado should be added to the PATH), run:

cd fpga/
make SUB_PROJECT=nexysvideo bitstream

To build the UART-based frontend server, run:

cd generators/testchipip/uart_tsi

After programming the bitstream, and connecting the Nexys Video’s UART to a host PC via the USB cable, the uart_tsi program can be run to interact with the target.

Running a program:

./uart_tsi +tty=/dev/ttyUSBX dhrystone.riscv

Probe an address on the target system:

./uart_tsi +tty=/dev/ttyUSBX +init_read=0x10000 none

Write some address before running a program:

./uart_tsi +tty=/dev/ttyUSBX +init_write=0x80000000:0xdeadbeef none

Self-check that binary loading proceeded correctly:

./uart_tsi +tty=/dev/ttyUSBX +selfcheck dhrystone.riscv